Philadelphia Phillies: 10 worst losses of the 2019 season

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Among the dozens of losses suffered by the Philadelphia Phillies during their ultimately disappointing 2019 season, these are the 10 that stand out as the most painful.

It’s time to take one last bath of negativity when it comes to the 2019 Philadelphia Phillies season after the team was officially eliminated from playoff  contention on Tuesday.

And we’re going to do it in a very Philly sort of way by counting down the team’s 10 worst losses this year.

While I will freely admit that I do not follow any other team closely enough to determine how many horrendous or heart-breaking defeats they may have suffered this year, I have a hard time believing that anyone measures up to the Phillies in this regard.

There are terrible teams out there that lost more games than the Phillies did, and of course even the best teams still lose about 60 games every season.

But no team (and fan base) in the league that had realistic title or at least postseason expectations for this year has had to deal with as much disappointment as Philadelphia.

The toughest part of this exercise was narrowing the list merely to 10 setbacks that best represented the team’s bad luck, roster shortcomings, and all too frequent mismanagement on the field.

There was no shortage of games this year to drive Phillies fans mad. And perhaps most tellingly is the fact that no games from the last few weeks of the season even made the list, because by that point the damage was already done, and there was little to no hope left for a miraculous playoff push.

So let’s first look at some of the games for the Phillies you may recall as being pretty awful, but that still didn’t make the cut.