76ers fans should feel disappointed if J.J. Redick turned down hometown discount

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Philadelphia 76ers will miss J.J. Redick during the 2019-20 season after the veteran shooting guard signed with the New Orleans Pelicans.

As bad as it sounds, there are plenty of Philadelphia 76ers fans that felt the team upgraded this offseason by moving on from Jimmy Butler and J.J Redick before Josh Richardson and Al Horford officially came on board.

For Redick, the Sixers didn’t just benefit from having one of the league’s top shooting guards, but also his veteran leadership for some of the younger players such as Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

Previously signing Redick to hefty one-year deals over the last two seasons was expensive for Philadelphia, but also seemed worth it when taking all things into consideration.

Unfortunately, some fans were disappointed to hear the news at the start of free agency that Redick would be heading to the New Orleans Pelicans on a two-year deal, mainly because they wanted to see the Sixers remain in the best shape possible.

Even if Philadelphia fans didn’t realize what was coming at the time since Redick’s announcement came before Richardson or Horford, it was still difficult to think how his veteran presence would no longer be around.

Not to mention, the two-year, $26.5 million deal Redick agreed to made it seem like it could have fit into Philadelphia’s plans.

With that being said, a recent report claims that Redick was apparently offered a three-year deal by the Sixers worth around $20 million, which would seem fair for a player his age on top of the circumstances.

If the report is in fact true, this should be considered a set of mixed emotions for Philadelphia fans since it’s not only surprising, but also disappointing.

The proposed three-year deal by Philadelphia seems more than generous for a player like Redick at this stage in his career, especially one still in search of that first NBA title.

All due respect to the Pelicans since they could very well end up being a surprise contender this upcoming season, but there’s a reason the Sixers are considered one of the early favorites to finish on top of the Eastern Conference.

Returning to the Sixers would have made it clear that Redick cared more about the opportunity to earn a ring since Philadelphia would have put him in the best position possible to make this happen.

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Instead, if what the report claims is true, this kind of says it all about Redick in making it seem like the money was more important than being in a better position to make a run at a NBA title.