Josh McCown should be top backup for Eagles in 2019 over Nate Sudfeld

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Even though Josh McCown just joined the Philadelphia Eagles, the veteran should be the No. 2 quarterback over Nate Sudfeld.

Between losing Nate Sudfeld to a broken wrist on his non-throwing hand to the recent injury to Cody Kessler, it was easy to understand the decision by the Philadelphia Eagles to recently sign veteran quarterback Josh McCown.

First off, thank goodness the Eagles have been smart enough to rest Carson Wentz this preseason since the last thing Philadelphia can afford to see happen is their star quarterback end up on the injury report.

Watching Eagles quarterbacks drop like flies over the last two weeks with injuries has been difficult to watch since the last thing Philadelphia wants to do is be unprepared come September, but at least McCown helps take off a little pressure at the position.

Football fans can say whatever they want about how this was a terrible decision by the Eagles since McCown’s career losing record (23-53) alone makes it seem like it would have been best to sign someone else.

But from an experience perspective, McCown’s starts over the years make it seem like Philadelphia would be better off with the veteran as the No. 2 quarterback in 2019 instead of Sudfeld.

Nothing against Sudfeld since the youngster has shown plenty of potential over the last few seasons, but the good news for the Eagles is he could still be their answer for the long run since this is likely going to be McCown’s only year with the team.

These days, too many teams, including the Eagles, have learned the hard way the importance of making sure there’s a reliable backup quarterback on the roster in case the starter goes down.

As mentioned before, McCown may not be considered the most reliable option compared to other quarterbacks across the league, but also keep in mind the argument can be made that if he were on better teams, his career record wouldn’t have been so bad.

Just look at the last couple of seasons for example when McCown was a member of the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns with the lack of talent he had to work with, making it easy to see how difficult it was to win games.

If anything, it’s interesting to see McCown joining a winning team like Philadelphia for a change since the veteran is going to be in for a whole new experience competitive wise.

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The Eagles never would have brought McCown on board if they didn’t truly believe he was capable of making this offense better, and while it would be tough to watch Sudfeld potentially lose the No. 2 job, it would seem like a worthy move for Philadelphia.