Philadelphia Eagles: Rick Lovato is a pretty great actor too

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

If long snapping doesn’t work out for Rick Lovato, the Philadelphia Eagles special teamer has a pretty promising potential career as an actor.

Rick Lovato is good at a lot of things.

He makes a good sub, is one of the lowest-rated players in Madden 2020, and is clearly a good enough long snapper to win a Super Bowl in the role, but if his tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles comes to an end any time soon, Lovato may have a very promising career path on his post-football horizon: Acting.

That’s right, while other players are out on vacation, making videos for the gram, and holding out for more money (*cough* Ezekiel Elliott), Lovato made his acting debut on All Talk: The Series.

Check out the Lovato segments here and here, but be warned, the language is very NSFW.

A web series created by Jim Tierney & Michael Tranzilli, Lovato plays a ‘ maintenance guy’ opposite of Clerks/Mall Rats/Jay and Silent Bob star Jason Mewes – who just so happens to hail from Highlands, New Jersey – in episodes 62 and 64 of the series and delivers a palatable enthusiasm that practically jumps off the screen.

Initially excited about meeting Fry Tash – an over the hill musician hanging out with “Talk Coach” Russell Moretti – in episode 62, Lovato returns in episode 64 with a pen and paper for an autograph, only to have Mewes sign his neck instead – much to his delight.

Will this performance win Lovato any awards? No way, but it is an incredibly memorable bit part that has stuck with me for 15 days to where I eventually wrote an article highlighting its brilliance.

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Call it Super Bowl-winning swagger, but if Lovato is this charming in a bit part on a web series, I personally believe he deserves an opportunity to continue on Donnie Jones and Jon Dorenbos‘ seminal Philadelphia Eagles’ program Inside the Season. Between Rick Lovato, Cam Johnston, and Jake Elliott, there seems to be some good tv just waiting to happen.