Roy Halladay entering Hall of Fame adds another amazing memory for Phillies fans

PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 17: Starter Roy Halladay
PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 17: Starter Roy Halladay /

Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay was officially inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday to provide fans with another amazing memory to cherish.

Back in January when it was announced that Roy Halladay officially would be inducted in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, words can’t even describe the excitement and happiness surrounding Philadelphia Phillies fans.

Prior to the start of the 2010 season, the Phillies acquired Halladay from the Toronto Blue Jays, who he previously spent 12 seasons.

Between Philadelphia coming off back-to-back World Series appearances (won 2008) to already having a strong pitching rotation led by Cole Hamels, the addition of Halladay seemed like it was going to take this team to new levels.

Unfortunately, the Phillies never were able to give Halladay a World Series title during his brief time in Philadelphia, although there were plenty of great memories from that epic first 2010 season with the team.

As exciting as it was to watch Halladay complete a perfect game during a road meeting with the Florida Marlins during May of that season, the now Hall of Fame pitcher found a way to top that performance off by throwing a no-hitter in the playoffs a few months later.

Never in a million years could any baseball fan have imagined that Halladay would have thrown a no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds the way he did during his first career playoff start, but also this couldn’t have happened to a better player.

While Halladay was always respected for the effort and work ethic displayed on the field throughout his career, everyone viewed him as an amazing individual off the field as well.

Coming up short of winning Halladay a World Series title will always be the one thing Phillies wish would have happened since he had fought so hard to earn that ring, especially towards the end of his career.

But on a positive note, at least this weekend’s Hall of Fame ceremonies turned out to be the perfect way to honor Halladay both as a player, and a man off the field who will always be cherished by fans in the City of Brotherly Love.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances from Nov. 2017 in which the world lost Halladay when his plane crashed in the Gulf of Mexico at the age of 40, baseball fans knew this weekend’s festivities would be filled with all sorts of extra emotions.

Without question, Brandy Halladay did an amazing job honoring her late husband by putting together an amazing speech during Sunday’s induction that Phillies, Blue Jays, and baseball fans in general will cherish for years to come (check out the video below).

Deep down, no one was really all that surprised to see Halladay was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame since it became pretty clear early on in his career that he would one day earn a spot in Cooperstown.

As mentioned before, Phillies fans didn’t get to enjoy Halladay in the City of Brotherly Love as much as Toronto, but he will always be considered a fan favorite in Philadelphia, no matter what.

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Once again, everything surrounding the honoring of Halladay this past weekend was truly amazing to witness, and Phillies fans should feel forever grateful for earning another amazing memory to what was already considered a long, unbelievable list.