Philadelphia Eagles should have moved on from Darren Sproles

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Despite the low risk, the Philadelphia Eagles should have considered moving on from Darren Sproles instead of bringing him back on a one-year deal.

Over the last few months, the speculation surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles seemed to be that Darren Sproles time with the team was over, and the veteran running back would take the retirement route.

Even when Sproles has been spotted working out at times this summer, the Eagles seemed set enough at running back that if he were to give it another go in 2019, another team, possibly the New Orleans, would end up bringing him on board.

On Friday, football fans discovered that Sproles will not only be returning for another season, but the speedster would in fact be returning for a sixth season with Philadelphia, which was announced by the team.

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All of a sudden, Philadelphia’s backfield has another running back to work with in what was already a stacked backfield consisting of Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders, Corey Clement, and Wendell Smallwood.

But even with Sproles having the extra advantage of being a return specialist as well, was this really the best decision for the Eagles?

Over the years, Doug Pederson hasn’t been shy about his love towards Sproles since his skills on the field along with ability as a leader have made the running back a valuable team member, but all good things must come to an end at some point.

For a player who just recently turned 36 in June, the Eagles seemed like they would have been better off focusing on some of their younger running backs moving forward instead of taking away some carries to make way Sproles.

With all due respect since there have been plenty of times over the last five years in which Sproles has brought plenty of excitement to this team, Philadelphia seems like they made the wrong decision in bringing him back on a one-year deal.

Obviously, there would be nothing better than to see Sproles prove the doubters wrong by putting together a meaningful 2019 campaign by contributing on both offense and special teams.

However, until that actually happens for Sproles, this seems like one of those questionable decisions Eagles fans will be weighing back and fourth with over the next couple of months, especially since they already seemed set at running back.