2019 Eagles vs Super Bowl 52 Championship Eagles: Offensive Edition

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In 2017, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl as underdogs. In 2019, Philadelphia looks to win it all again but is the team more talented than 2017?

The 2017 NFL season brought a miracle to life – and changed every single Philadelphia Eagles fan’s life – when the Eagles went to Minnesota to face the evil empire like New England Patriots. Every one around the league, in the studios, in the streets counted Philly out. However Super Bowl 52 will always go down as the biggest game in Eagles’ history, the game they won their first ever Super Bowl.

Although most say, defense wins championships Super Bowl 52 was an offensive battle to the extreme. With a final score of 41-33 in the Philadelphia Eagles favor, to be noted the game was won and many big plays happened on defense. However, Philadelphia most likely wouldn’t have even made it to the big game if it wasn’t for their high-powered offense.

Of course for that 2017 team to win it all they had to have talent through and through which they did. However some believe this 2019 Eagles team is more talented than the true championship winning dream team. A few players have grown in the system and can now be considered reliable vets in the league. Philly keeping players in the same roles and systems also helps increase team chemistry with familiar faces to rely on.

The Eagles also added some younger players in 2018 and 19 to help them get out of the super bowl hangover as quick as possible. A few second-year players and rookies may end up being the deciding factor for this 2019 offense to beat the 2017 championship team.

With that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at the two rosters offenses to see which team has more fire power.