Philadelphia 76ers: Ben Simmons has to be in Space Jam 2

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

With more connections to LeBron James than one can count, Ben Simmons has to be considered a lock to represent the Philadelphia 76ers in Space Jam 2.

Want to feel old? The second best movie about basketball of all time, Space Jam (behind Hoop Dreams) came out 22 years ago in November of 1996.

I was three.

The movie, which starred Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes was a worldwide smash hit for Warner Brothers, earning $230 million and helping to relaunch the second phase of His Airness’ career.

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So, as the film industry is currently knee-deep in the thralls of ‘reboot mania’, it was only a matter of time before the movie would either be remade, or receive a proper sequel to capitalize on the current crop of NBA players who are quite possibly more popular now than at any time in the game’s history.

Well fear not NBA fans, it’s happening.

That’s right, not only has the long-rumored LeBron James-led sequel been greenlit, but it’s actually received a release date: July 16th, 2021.

With principal photography set to begin this summer, which is fancy film talk for the start of filming, James will be on the lookout for a new collection of players to fill out his team going into the highly anticipated sequel.

Ben Simmons has to be considered a lock for a spot, right?

I mean, on paper, is there a more qualified candidate? Simmons plays like James, he’s managed by the same company, Klutch Sports, and the duo openly represent their relationship as almost that of a big brother and little brother.

Really, the only thing Simmons could do to be even more like James would be to grow out his beard, let his hairline go, and switch over from his Hyperdunks to a pair of Nike Soldier 12s and switch his number to 23.

For this, a potential role of a lifetime, any little bit helps, right?

Simmons is pretty much a perfect addition to any team, be they helmed by LeBron and Bugs Bunny, or the nefarious ‘Monstars’ because of his sheer scheme flexibility.

Need a supersized, pass-first point? Simmons can do that. How about an uber-athletic point forward with A-plus speed? That’s Simmons too.  The last time I checked, Simmons has even been moonlighting as a center over the last few weeks. Now granted, I don’t think James would want him to fill that role, as he should instead offer it to Joel Embiid, but the option is on the table.

That’s the beauty of Simmons; he can pretty much play with anyone.

Furthermore, including Simmons in Space Jam 2 would further the long and storied tradition of Philadelphia 76ers featured in supporting roles in the franchise, following in the long-and-storied tradition of both Shawn Bradley (who was on the team at the time of filming) and Charles Barkley (who was a Pheonix Sun).

Simmons is already a better player than Bradley in every way, so at least he has that going for him.

Next. Simmons at center is a dish best enjoyed sparingly. dark

So LeBron James, if you’re reading this while watching the Academy Awards, I would like to present Ben Simmons for your consideration, as he could be a fantastic supporting actor to flank your surefire Best Actor campaign.