What aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from the Philadelphia 76ers

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Campbell rounds out her list in the final stages with “you will doubt yourself” and “you will fail.”

If this article proves anything, the Sixers endured their fair share of both doubt and failure since the birth of the “Process.”

Amidst years of losing and drama, former Sixer GMs Sam Hinkie and Bryan Colangelo sat in the spotlight. Thus, when current GM Elton Brand stepped in, he must’ve felt some stress as he stepped into his first NBA General Manager position.

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Tim Bontemps of ESPN tweeted that Brand said of his GM role, “It’s a lot of stress. I would tell parents don’t let your kids grow up as general managers.”

Stress can lead to doubt, and Brand’s specific situation as a new GM of a win-now squad following a drama-filled breakup with their previous GM adds immeasurable pressure.

In her article, Campbell writes of the doubt stage, “On your journey, trust there is no such thing as wrong. The only wrong choice is not making one.”

In his first season as GM, Brand pulled the trigger on two huge trades. By bringing in Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, Brand seems ready and able to make these seemingly impulse choices necessary on the road to success.

Without Brand’s ability to complete these deals, the Sixers could be sitting on their hands and inhibiting success. To a young entrepreneur, Brand’s ability to step in a new environment and take charge amidst stress, stars, and a hungry fanbase should be inspiring.

Campbell closes her article with a bonus eighth point, “It will all be worth it.” Her last paragraph includes the statement ‘Trust the Process’, which, in Philadelphia, is an easy way to tug at the heartstrings.

For the Sixers, it was all worth it. Now among the elite, it’s clear the Sixers, and their fans have trekked past the years of necessary struggle to see brighter days, and boy does it feel good.

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If you’re a business owner and you’re struggling, you probably don’t need a 7-foot baller or a savvy GM to see brighter days. However, if you need that extra nugget of motivation to keep your dreams alive, the Philadelphia 76ers recent story carries great value.