What aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from the Philadelphia 76ers

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Philadelphia 76ers
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Pain and Hardship

Campbell lists her first inevitable stage of success as “You will feel pain.” Pain is an understatement for what the Sixers have felt during the “Process”-era.

From 2013-16, the Sixers sunk to a combined 47-199 record. Included in that slump was an infamous 10-72 season; the third-worst winning percentage for a season in NBA history.

As a fan myself, it was painful to watch.

Aside from a fan’s pain, literal pain (by injury) plagued the Sixers during the “Process.”

From 2013-16, the Sixers highest selection in the NBA draft (whether by their own pick or a draft night trade) was as follows: Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor and Ben Simmons.

While Embiid and Simmons were exceptional choices, three of the four selections were oft-injured early in their Philadelphia careers. Noel and Simmons both missed their first year due to injury, and Embiid was absent his first and second year.

To add insult to injury (pun intended), recent departure Markelle Fultz’s infamous shoulder issues marred his early Philly career.

Injuries reared their ugly head in the Sixers rise to the elite echelon, and thus pain was a-plenty.

Rarely does a young entrepreneur rise to success quickly. Perhaps their “rookie season” is infected with sinking sales and flooded with denial. Whatever the case, go through your “injury rehab” and keep pushing.

Campbell eloquently states, “suffering is an integral and essential part of any real pursuit of success.” Maybe the stockpiling of losses and injuries meant something after all.