Philadelphia 76ers: So, Joel ‘Hulu has live sports’ Embiid is a thing now

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia 76ers were featured all over All-Star weekend, both on and off the court, but their most surprising appearance has to be Joel Embiid’s new ‘Hulu has live sports’ commercial.

So, Joel ‘Hulu has live sports’ Embiid is a thing now.

That’s right Philadelphia 76ers fans, everyone’s favorite Sherley Temple sippin’, process trustin’ Philadelphian by way of Cameroon has found a new way to capitalize on his incredible charisma and charm; as the face of Hulu’s new live sports campaign.

Haven’t seen it yet? Didn’t you watch the All-Star game? Well, fear not, as it’s now available on YouTube for the world to see on demand.

Wow, that’s certainly… something.

Now granted, this isn’t the first time Embiid has lent his services, and likeness to a promotional campaign, as he’s also been featured in ads for Jolly Ranchers, Mountain Dew, HyperX, Champs, and weirdly the 2018 Illumination movie ‘The Grinch’, but never before has JoJo been so front and center on a nationally televised commercial campaign before.

Really, Philly hasn’t had this kind of media presence since Donovan McNabb was hawking soup with his mom back in the mid-2000s.

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Though his appearance in almost every single commercial break helped to keep Embiid, and by extension the Sixers front and center in the minds of basketball fans, it somehow never got old.

Well, maybe it did to a Celtics fan, but to fans in the City of Brotherly Love, fans who bleed red, white, and blue (when they aren’t bleeding midnight green) seeing Embiid cheesin’ face all over promotional segments helped to ease the typical malaise that falls over the typical tv viewer in the three or so minutes between the action during a commercial break.

Honestly, Embiid’s Hulu jawn was potentially more entertaining than his showing in the actual All-Star game, as he only accounted for 10 points and 12 boards in 23 minutes of action, while missing all three of his 3-point attempts.

Ben Simmons also had 10 points, as well as seven assists, but he did so in six fewer minutes in a reserve role for Team LeBron. Not great either, but at least his team got the W and by extension the additional $75,000 bump in pay.

Maybe the rest of Team Giannis should have tried a little harder, as Embiid’s pockets are $25,000 lighter after his recent comments about officials following a blown call against the Boston Celtics.

Something tells me ‘The Process’ well be doing just fine once he counts all that Hulu cash, am I right?

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So, as the NBA getting ready to heat up for the final 24 games of the regular season, it’s safe to say Joel Embiid will continue to shine both on and off the court for the foreseeable future, as his new commercial for Hulu has legs.