Philadelphia Eagles: Navigating the departure of Nick Foles

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Leaving the nest

As we near the journey’s end, all signs point to this being it for Foles’ career as a member of the Eagles. He already has his name ingrained in Eagles lure, along with a statue, Vince Lombardi trophy, and Super Bowl MVP trophy. (Pro Bowl MVP trophy, too, if you include his first Eagles stint.)

While rumors will circulate as to where he will land, we’ll soon have an answer as to its means.

Roseman, I’m sure, would love to trade him and enjoy the fruits of that labor now. This would include a significant amount of risk, and the Eagles may not be able to beat what they’d get by simply letting him walk.

If I were a betting man – which I’m not – I’d guess that the Eagles place the tag on Foles and attempt to work with him in fostering a trade to a team of his choosing. Yes, even if that team is in the same division.

The “respect” factor that Roseman speaks of is important, and I believe that he, Foles, and Foles’ representatives will be on the same page. I also believe that Foles won’t sign the tag initially and that there may be a deadline that the Eagles and Foles quietly agree on where if an offer of the Eagles liking is not received, the team will rescind the tag and Foles will be on his merry way.

While limiting Foles’ availability to an extent, this scenario is the best case for all parties considering the totality of what could happen.

As with any meaningful relationship, parting ways is never easy. Foles helped lead the Philadelphia Eagles to the organization’s proudest, most defining moment, and that has to matter. The person that brought him here was Roseman. The two are forever connected.

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At the moment hearts may be split, but this is not goodbye. The proof hangs in the rafters.