Philadelphia Eagles: Navigating the departure of Nick Foles

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Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles apply the franchise tag, and Nick Foles does not sign

If the Eagles apply the franchise tag and Nick Foles refuses to sign, he will remain the property of the team but ineligible to play or be traded. (Think Le’Veon Bell.)

Teams can still inquire about trading for the 30-year-old quarterback, but in order to be moved, Foles would have to first sign the tag. This provides Foles some leverage in that he could pick and choose certain suitors, all while reducing the Eagles trade leverage in the process.

The Eagles still would have to account for Foles’ $25 million in the salary cap as long as the offer is available, which the Eagles could rescind until July 15th, thus making Foles an immediate free agent. After July 15th, the offer must stand, and no long-term contracts can be signed until next league year.

At that point, the Eagles and Foles would be back to where we are right now.

An ugly end

Nick Foles is a legend in Philadelphia. The Eagles seem to agree being as they already host a statue memorializing him as such, along with Doug Pederson and the famous “Philly Philly” call from last year’s Super Bowl.

Does either side really want a bitter divorce like this?

Speaking a few days after the team’s playoff loss to the Saints, Howie Roseman touched on the subject:

"“It’s always gotta be what’s best for our football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. We’ve got to make decisions based on that. There’s also a respect factor for guys that have done a lot for us. Part of it we try to factor that in as well. Bottom line is we’ve got to do what’s best for our football team going forward.”"

As Roseman decides exactly what steps he’s going to take, the most expected one may actually get the Eagles in trouble.