Philadelphia 76ers: Tobias Harris is a certified headband brother

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

In desperate need of a roster upgrade, Elton Brand did what only he could do: add another headband brother to the Philadelphia 76ers starting five in Tobias Harris.

Tobias Harris isn’t just good, he’s like scary good, but should we really be surprised? I mean, he is a headband brother after all.

That’s right; when the more expensive half of Bobi and Tobi took the court to a sold-out Wells Fargo Center crowd as the Philadelphia 76ers starting power forward, he was donning the aforementioned headband now synonymous with a fully committed two-way player.

And Harris did not disappoint.

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With only a handful of plays at their disposal and no formal chance to practice, Brett Brown‘s new ‘Monstars‘ starting five took the court against the second best team in the Western Conference and easily wiped the floor with them despite Joel Embiid playing through a stomach virus, and Ben Simmons almost recording a rare points and turnover double-double.

This new team, now featuring five fresh faces and an almost brand new bench, is beyond fun to watch and possesses a unique collection of veteran playmakers and young upstarts that can conceivably matchup with any team in the league regardless of their playing style.

I mean sure, they have like three players under 6-foot-6 on the team, but when you can put four All-Stars on the court at the same time does that even matter?

When the starting five features a trio of switchable headband brothers on the wings, I’d say it becomes a bit superfluous.

Harris is an offensive monster; off to the best statistical season of his career with a 20.8 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 43.7 3-point shooting percentage (the eighth best mark in the NBA), and at the tender age of 26, he’s just entering his prime.

Sure, Harris may be the least athletic, and by extension, lest effective defender of the three, but when you’re the eighth most effective offensive small forward in the entire league, having a positive .08 defensive Real Plus-Minus (35th overall) should be lauded, not looked down upon.

That’s what being a headband bro is all about; effort.

When Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons initially began their on-again, off-again fashion statement, headbands symbolized a commitment to playing hard on both ends of the court; fighting for rebounds, picking up full court, etc, but now, it symbolizes oh so much more.

You see as of right now, the Philadelphia 76ers have as much, if not more talent than any team in the NBA save for one lofty exception, but games are not won or lost based on talent alone. No, For a team to truly transcend their power rankings placement and become a team of note, one to remember for years to come, they have to come together and collectively punch above their weight class.

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By committing to build a roster around high effort guys at every price point, Elton Brand has placed his stamp on this current iteration of the Sixers. While the team certainly had other options on the table in regards to deadline roster additions, a move for Nikola Mirotic comes to mind, Brand handpicked Tobias Harris as his fourth All-Star for his scoring prowess, sure, but also for his effort.  Tobias is a headband brother, and while he may have worn one for the entirety of his career to this point, it holds some extra merit now that he’s suiting up in the City of Brotherly Love.