8 players Philadelphia Eagles could potentially re-sign during 2019 free agency

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2. Ronald Darby

From an injury perspective, the Eagles have every reason in the world to feel concerned towards Ronald Darby‘s health after seeing how the cornerback has been limited to just 17 games over the previous two seasons.

To say Darby’s career in Philadelphia got off to a rough start in 2017 would be a huge understatement after watching him suffer a dislocated ankle opening weekend, although he would eventually return later in the year to help the team win the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, Darby’s bad luck continued this past season after he suffered a torn ACL in Week 10, putting him in a difficult spot heading into free agency.

At the time of the trade with the Buffalo Bills in 2017, cornerback was a major need for the Eagles, and even though this team has a few younger players to work with heading into next season, they still need more help after looking at some of their previous struggles from 2018.

Does this mean Darby could return at a cheaper price? Knowing Philadelphia, there’s a good chance they could very well take this into consideration, and Darby’s recovery process is likely to play a factor in other potential offers he may receive from other teams.