8 players Philadelphia Eagles could potentially re-sign during 2019 free agency

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4. Jay Ajayi

Expectations were high for Jay Ajayi heading into his first full season with the Eagles in 2018 after watching the role he played in helping the team bring home their first Super Bowl title the year before, but unfortunately a torn ACL limited him to playing in just four games.

As for whether Philadelphia would be willing to give it another shot with Ajayi since they do know what he’s capable of when healthy, well let’s just say there are some concerns, mainly his history of injuries even before this past season.

There’s no question that running back is a major area of concern for the Eagles heading into next season after looking at all of the players they rotated through in 2018 since the injuries kept piling up. And while Philadelphia never really got to see a full season with Ajayi as the No. 1 running back in the backfield, it would be a shame if they decided to take a risk, only to watch him get hurt again.

Since Ajayi is coming off a serious knee injury like this, any team expressing interest, whether it’s the Eagles or someone else, would most likely prefer to get the running back at a cheaper price, which could very well work to the advantage of Philadelphia is they did in fact express interest.