Philadelphia Eagles should push to bring Golden Tate back at discounted rate

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Golden Tate is one of numerous players the Philadelphia Eagles will consider trying to bring back for the 2019 season.

Leading up to the trade deadline a few months ago, the Philadelphia Eagles pulled off a surprise move by acquiring Golden Tate from the Detroit Lions with the intension of boosting a passing game dealing with a few injuries.

From Mike Wallace to Mack Hollins, it was clear early on in the season just how much the Eagles were hurting on offense after the watching the unit’s inability to put up consistent points on a weekly basis.

Acquiring Tate certainly didn’t solve all of Philadelphia’s problems, and while it took a little longer for him to become fully comfortable on offense, the veteran wideout deserved some benefit of the doubt since it’s never easy to play catch up.

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With that being said, one of the main reasons why the Lions were willing to move on from Tate when they did was due to the fear of losing him in free agency down the road anyway.

Since Tate’s contract was up after the 2018 season, all eyes will be on where the former Notre Dame star ends up next season, whether it happens to be in Philadelphia or somewhere else.

Contract wise, Tate knows his career will most likely be over sooner rather than later since he will turn 31 in August. And while there’s a good chance that Tate will be looking for a hefty new contract, the Eagles should focus on trying to convince him to return at a discounted price.

Teams across the league realize that Tate is getting any younger, and if he were truly interested in continuing to play for a serious contender, Philadelphia could be his best option.

Between being part of an offense loaded with weapons for Carson Wentz or Nick Foles to work with led by Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz along with having an opportunity to spend an entire offseason working with the offense, the Eagles could be Tate’s best fit.

Depending on what options Tate is willing to consider, maybe Philadelphia can convince him to take a short-term deal with the selling point of having the opportunity to continue playing for a team expected to be a serious contender once again in 2019.

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It may not be easy, but if Tate truly enjoyed his time over the last couple of months with the Eagles, one can only hope he would strongly consider the possibility of playing at a discounted rate to help put the team in better position to make another Super Bowl run.