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Miami Dolphins: Teddy Bridgewater

Well, here is our first surprise. All signs point to the Miami Dolphins moving on from quarterback Ryan Tannehill this offseason. Tannehill has an out in his contract, and it would not be surprising to see the Dolphins take advantage of that out.

If the Dolphins choose to keep Tannehill, they will be committing over $26 million to him. That is a lot of money to a guy who has been mediocre throughout his career and has struggled with injuries over the last three years. He has also never played in a playoff game.

$26 million is elite quarterback money, and Tannehill is nowhere close to that level. Unless he is willing to take a huge pay cut, it would be smarter for Miami to take the $13 million cap hit to move on from the 30-year-old Tannehill.

With Tannehill likely out of Miami, who will the Dolphins use to replace him? There is always the draft, but there are some intriguing options who will be on the free agent market. The best option for Miami might be to sign Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater is on a one year deal, and unless Drew Brees retires, Teddy will seek a starting job elsewhere. At only 26, and with a playoff appearance under his belt, a team is going to take a risk on Bridgewater to be their franchise quarterback, and that team very well might be the Dolphins.