Philadelphia Eagles: Just how high is Carson Wentz’s trade value?

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Philadelphia Eagles
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Why would the Eagles even consider trading Wentz?

So, we are finally left with the real question at hand: Why would the Philadelphia Eagles even consider trading Wentz?

Well, they aren’t.

But, why, in theory, would the Eagles opt to go with Foles over Wentz moving forward?

Even the most passionate Foles fans would have to succeed that Wentz is the better of the two quarterbacks physically, as his unique blend of size, speed, and elusiveness is among the best in the league right now, but that alone doesn’t win a team a Super Bowl.

But that isn’t all that matters in the NFL.

For example, no one is going to argue that Tom Brady is a better physical specimen than say Aaron Rodgers, but he leads the pair in Super Bowl appearances (8-1), Super Bowl wins (5-1) and are tied in head-to-head record at 1-1. Credit it to their supporting casts, or blame it on their respective coaches, but no matter how you slice it Brady just finds to win even though he’s far from an elite athlete.

Now I’m not going to compare Foles to Brady head-to-head (though Foles has defeated Brady head-to-head in Super Bowl VII), but the way Saint Nick rallies his team is a commodity that’s hard to quantify, and that winning spirit is a big reason why he’ll be running an NFL offense somewhere next season, be that in Philly, or, say, Tampa Bay.

The NFL isn’t the NBA, where having an MVP-caliber player instantly makes you a championship contender. No, football, maybe more so than any other sport, is a team game, and by extension, requires a great team to win consistently. While having a perennial MVP candidate like Rogers, or Wentz will undoubtedly help to keep a team competitive year-in, and year-out, it by no means guarantees continued success or multiple championships.

No, for a team to truly compete in the NFL, they need to find that rare signal caller who elevates the talent around him and galvanize a team to victory based on sheer willpower; and for the Eagles, that player is Nick Foles.

And at 29-years old, Foles still has a whole lot of great football left to play.

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So, will the Philadelphia Eagles ultimately decide to go with Nick Foles under center moving forward? Probably not, but needless to say, if the organization does decide that Pederson’s offense runs best with Foles under center, they should be able to secure a franchise-altering bounty for Carson Wentz’s services in a league-altering trade.