Philadelphia Eagles: Three keys to a Week 15 win over the Rams

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Philadelphia Eagles
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Take Risks on Offense

If the Eagles want any chance at winning this game they are going to need to score points. A lot of points. This is an Eagles team that is averaging 21.6 points per game this season, a far cry from 28.6 they averaged last season.

The rate at which the Eagles are scoring this season is nowhere close to enough to keep up with the explosive Rams offense. To even stay in this game, the Eagles are going to need to score early and often.

How are they going to do that? The Eagles must be aggressive all game long. They can’t expect to methodically move the ball downfield because, frankly, it hasn’t worked all year long. Doug Pederson has to dial-up plenty of big plays, and the Eagles’ offense has to hit on them.

There are really two reasons why the Eagles have to be aggressive and take risks. For one, as previously stated, they need big plays to put up points and keep up with the Rams. Two, they really have nothing to lose at this point. No one is expecting this team to win this game, so why not be aggressive or dig deep into the playbook for some new plays or trickery.

It’s not like Foles can’t keep up with an explosive offense. He went toe-to-toe with the greatest quarterback in NFL history this past February and beat him. Foles and the Eagles must find a way to make explosive plays to keep up with what Los Angeles does. If they can’t do that, then this game may be as ugly as New Orleans.