Could the Philadelphia 76ers find gold from the Wizards’ garage sale?

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With the Washington Wizards teetering on the edge of collapse, could the Philadelphia 76ers find a missing piece in their potential garage sale?

In case you haven’t heard, the Philadelphia 76ers are in the market for one final piece to put their roster over the top.

While it seems unlikely that the team will be able to swing another marquee name after shipping Dario Saric and Robert Covington to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Jimmy Butler, a Markelle Fultz trade notwithstanding (I’m looking at you, the Brooklyn Nets), the Sixers are in desperate need for some auxiliary depth for fortify their bench and provide some parody when the combination of Butler, Ben Simmons, and Joel Embiid are not on the court at the same time.

Fortunately for the team, their neighbors to the south my soon be planning a huge garage sale where everything’s for sale, no exception.

Now granted, the 76ers aren’t going to waltz right down I-95 and steal Bradley Beal for pennies on the dollar, but the Wizards do have a number on solid bench pieces who could provide auxiliary shooting, bench defense, or a serious injection of energy that could be seriously intriguing to Elton Brand and company, especially after Kyle Korver was recently shipped from Cleveland to Utah for a pair of second-round picks.

The Sixers have about a dozen second round picks over the next five years, so why not make a deal of their own for a player who could help them right now, especially one on an expiring deal?

But who should the team target, and more importantly, who’s actually in the team’s price range?

Let’s take a look at the Wizards’ roster sans Beal, John Wall, Otto Porter, and Dwight Howard and see which player could help to push the 76ers over the top in their race for the Eastern Conference crown.