NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles keep hope alive in Week 13

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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Power Rankings
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30. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals, when you receive the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, please, please select an offensive lineman.

And then, select another offensive lineman in the second round.

Honestly, I’m sure Josh Rosen wouldn’t mind the team selecting a lineman in each of the draft’s seven rounds, the team is just that bad at keeping their quarterback upright.

Through his first eight games of action in 2018, Rosen has been sacked 22 times, easily the most per game of any quarterback in the league right now.

With that kind of pressure on (basically) every single snap, it’s hard to even evaluate Rosen’s stats as a rookie, as even the best quarterbacks in the game would struggle with accuracy and interceptions when under constant duress.

Would his situation be easier with an improved collection of offensive weapons? Sure, outside of David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald the Cards really don’t have a lot of proven offensive firepower, but it’s not like Rosen even has time to utilize space players like Christian Kirk in space, as he’s typically swarmed by blitzers before a play can even develop.

For a player like Rosen, who’s a prototypical pocket passer, that’s a death knell.

If the team can restock the cupboard and get things together, this could all be easily fixed, but that’s not going to happen midseason, and unfortunately, Rosen will continue to get his constantly over the team’s final five games.