NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles keep hope alive in Week 13

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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Power Rankings
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14. Dallas Cowboys

Are the Dallas Cowboys the best team in the NFC East? Technically yes, but at this point, is that really that big of an accomplishment?

Sitting atop the NFC East with a 6-5 record, the Cowboys are tied with the Washington Redskins for the best record in the division, and the Cowboys have as good a chance as anyone to squeak into the playoffs, especially after winning their third straight game of the season.

However, much like the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboys don’t exactly have an easy walk down the stretch.

With their next three games against the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, and Indianapolis Colts, it’s entirely possible the Cowboys could enter Week 16 with a 6-8 record desperate for a pair of wins to even reach the .500 mark upon season’s end.

Jason Garrett is the type of coach to turns in a great game one week, and a real stinker the next, why would this season be any different?

While it’s never a good idea to forgo an opportunity to take a crack at a Super Bowl berth in favor of a better draft position in the mid-teens, for a team like Dallas, and by extension their owner Jerry Jones, it may be wise to simply take a step back, find an innovative head coach, and reload for another decade of excellence after a 25 year drought of mediocrity.