NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles keep hope alive in Week 13

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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Power Rankings
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15. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles finally found a way to run the ball with some consistency, and actually won a tight game in the fourth quarter.

Gee, I wonder if there’s some sort of correlation between the two?

After (apparently) attempting to set a record for the most passing attempts by any one team in NFL history, the quietly may have found their new lead back in a game that many fans across the City of Brotherly Love, and the Delaware Valley in general, will probably forget in the long haul.

However, even though it was an ugly win, a boring win, a too-close-for-comfort win, in the incredibly underwhelming NFC East, a win is very much a win, and at 5-6, the Eagles are still very much alive in the playoff hunt with five games left to play.

If the Eagles win out, save for maybe a road trip to La La Land to face off against the front-running Los Angeles Rams, the Eagles will finish out the season with a 9-7 record and in all likelihood their second straight season representing the NFC East in the playoffs.

It just seems like no matter how hard the Eagles try; they just can’t get out of playoff contention, and a good problem to have for the fans in the 215, especially if they can take their Week 12 ‘run-the-ball’ lesson to heart. Duce Staley, I’m looking at you buddy, be this year’s Frank Reich and keep a balanced offense a priority in the forefront of Doug Pederson‘s mind down the stretch.