Philadelphia Eagles: Three keys to a Week 12 win over New York Giants

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Philadelphia Eagles
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Put Carson Wentz in a position to succeed

Last Sunday was arguably one of Carson Wentz‘s worst games since his rookie year. His three interceptions tied a career high and were a big reason why the Eagles scored only seven points last week.

A lot of Wentz’s mistakes have come from trying to do too much. Wentz obviously feels like he has to be the hero and is trying to press at times. This was not the case last season when Wentz was the league MVP before going down with a torn-ACL.

It just feels like Wentz has not been put into a position to succeed in 2018. The running game has been inconsistent, the play calling has been suspect, and the offensive line has taken a huge step back since 2017.

Two of Wentz’s biggest supporters on the coaching staff last year were Frank Reich and John DeFilippo. With both now gone, you begin to wonder if they had a bigger impact on Wentz and the offense then we thought.

Doug Pederson has his strengths as a play caller, as he did win the Super Bowl last season. But looking at the struggles of offense this season, you begin to wonder if the losses of DeFilippo and Reich are bigger than we initially thought.

If the Eagles are going to win on Sunday and make a run, the players and coaches around Wentz are going to have to better. If Wentz is put into a position to succeed then the Eagles offense should improve. If not, then Wentz will continue to press and the Eagles will continue to look inept on offense.