Benching Carson Wentz won’t solve recent problems for Philadelphia Eagles

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Just the thought of the Philadelphia Eagles benching Carson Wentz sounds ridiculous to even think about with six games to go.

Losing to the New Orleans Saints the way they did was a crushing blow for the Philadelphia Eagles when seeing how the NFC East is still up for grabs, although the defending champions are now in a tough spot still being two games back of the Washington Redskins.

From the defense suffering all sorts of injuries, especially at cornerback, to a lack of support in the backfield for Carson Wentz, there are plenty of reasons to blame for the recent struggles by the Eagles.

However, the Philadelphia fans who are suggesting that it’s time to bench Wentz in favor of Nick Foles need to take a step back since the struggles by the team aren’t entirely his fault.

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Is it easy to criticize Wentz for what took place on Sunday in which the Eagles as a team scored just seven points, and he ended up throwing three interceptions? Of course it is.

But when taking into consideration that some of those interceptions came out of desperation when Philadelphia was heavily trailing, and were in need of a spark on offense, putting this loss all on Wentz isn’t fair one bit.

Even more frustrating, some of the same fans placing all of the blame on Wentz are starting to throw out the idea of benching him the rest of the way in favor of Nick Foles, which is ridiculous to even think about.

Despite what Foles was able to accomplish last season by helping the team bring home their first Super Bowl title in franchise history, Wentz still gives the Eagles their best chance of making a last-minute run at the division title.

It would take a miracle to win the NFC East when looking at all of the pieces that would need to fall into place during the final six games, but if Philadelphia were to give up on Wentz now, this would basically make it seem like they were giving up on 2018.

Instead of putting most of the blame on Wentz, the main focus should be on what the Eagles can do over these final six weeks to give them a fighting chance at finishing on top of the NFC East.

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Wentz may need to elevate his game to a MVP level in order for this to happen, but the Eagles quarterback seems ready for the challenge, especially after this past weekend since he probably would love to redeem himself.