3 reactions to Jimmy Butler’s debut with Philadelphia 76ers against Orlando Magic

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Here are three quick reactions to Jimmy Butler making his debut with the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday against the Orlando Magic.

After acquiring Jimmy Butler from the Minnesota Timberwolves last weekend, there was plenty of excitement surrounding the star forward making his debut with the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday when the team would face the Orlando Magic. For the most part, Butler’s debut wasn’t all that terrible, but the fact that Philadelphia ended up on the losing end once again in a game they should have won seems to be the most frustrating factor of all.

Even though the Sixers knew it may take some time for Butler to adjust to playing with his new teammates, there was no excuse for them to come up short the way they did in this 111-106 loss to the Magic. Whether it was his effective ways as a defender or simply the fact that he would be bringing a reliable jump shot to the table, Philadelphia expected all of this to come into play on Wednesday to give them an extra edge over Orlando, which obviously wasn’t the case since they ended up falling short when it mattered the most.

In the long run, the Sixers and their fans obviously have every reason in the world to believe the addition of Butler will pay off in the best way possible since he seems to be the missing piece this team has been searching for, and this was only one game.

However, this loss is another example of some of the frustration surrounding Philadelphia as a team this season at times. So in honor of the loss, here are three reactions from Butler’s debut on Wednesday with the Sixers.

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