NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles fall flat in Week 11

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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Power Ranking
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27. Buffalo Bills

Few months back I wrote a profile on Matt Barkley and where his career has taken him since being with the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2014.

Now, I guess you can add a new chapter to his expensive resume: Buffalo Bills starting quarterback.

That’s right, after watching Josh Allen and Derek Anderson get sidelined with a pair of injuries, and Nate Peterman play like one of the worst quarterbacks in the history of the sport, Matthew Montgomery Barkley has somehow found himself under center once more.

The results? An absolutely unthinkable win over the New York Jets by a score of 42-10, with Barkley completing 15-25 passes for 232 yards and a pair of touchdowns. While this is obviously impressive, especially when you consider his opponent Josh McCown, one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league, only completed 17-34 for 135 yards and two interceptions, is this really something we can expect from Barkley week-in and week-out should they decided to keep him under center?


While the team will almost definitely keep him under center for the foreseeable future, possibly all season if they deem Allen’s progression at risk, it seems unlikely that Barkley will somehow become a franchise-level quarterback at the tender age of 28, and even less likely that the Bills could suddenly put it all together and make the playoffs.