NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles fall flat in Week 11

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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Power Ranking
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5. Los Angeles Chargers

While the Rams may get all of the attention, the Los Angeles Chargers have been playing some really inspired football in 2018.
But to be honest, how could they not be when you consider just how easy their schedule has been so far this season.

Seriously, outside of a win over the surprisingly good Tennessee Titans, the Chargers has lost the only two games they’ve played against playoff-bound opponents, with the rest of their Ws coming against teams destined for a January vacation.

Their Week 11 opponent? None other than the Oakland Raiders.

That’s right, the 1-8, 32nd ranked team in this very power rankings Oakland Raiders welcomed the Chargers to town, and only found a way to score six points in 60 minutes of action.
With opponents like the Raiders, any team could probably earn a playoff bout, even a team like the 49ers who are currently riding with their third-string signal caller under center (but probably not the Giants).

And fortunately for the Chargers, their schedule doesn’t get all that much more challenging down the stretch.

Outside of a pair of games against the Chiefs and the Steelers, there are four wins easy left over the team’s final seven games, virtually guaranteeing the team a 12-4 record at minimum. Had they not been in the same division as the Chiefs, there’s a very good chance the Chargers could be a two seed in the playoffs, but unfortunately, they’ll have to get o the Super Bowl the hard way, through the Wildcard.