NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles fall flat in Week 11

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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Power Ranking
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10. Carolina Panthers

Are the Carolina Panthers a good football team? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.
On the one hand, they’ve beaten teams like the Eagles, the Bengals, and the Ravens in impressive fashion, but then they will turn around and give up 31 to the Giants, 28 to the Bucs, and in Week 11, 52 points to Big Ben Roethlisberger.

As a team known for having a defensive guru as their head coach, that’s certainly a head-scratcher.

Now, to be fair, the game wasn’t totally atrocious, as Christian McCaffrey went off in a major way by recording 138 yards from scrimmage, but he also had the unfortunate honor of leading the team in both rushings with 77 yards on the ground and receiving with 61 yards through the air on 19 total touches.

When a team only has one offensive weapon, they are a whole lot easier to take down.
And unfortunately, this has been a problem for the team all season.

After opting to give their offense a major facelift by hiring Norv Turner to run their offense, the Panthers have been attempting to fit Cam Newton’s square playing style into a round hole, with a slew of passing concepts that all but ignore his linebacker size and supreme rushing ability.
Nine games into the season and unfortunately, it looks like the Panthers are getting worse with each passing week not better.

So, will the team find a way to fix their consistent inconsistencies on either side of the ball, and deliver a dynamic attack? Anything’s possible, but it’s pretty clear Turner’s role as the Panthers’ offensive coordinator is probably not long for this world.