NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Eagles upgrade at receiver during bye week

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27. New York Jets

Rough afternoon doesn’t even begin to describe the kind of day it was for Sam Darnold and the New York Jets when seeing how much they struggled for the most part during Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins. Ever since his impressive debut in Week 1 agains the Detroit Lions, Darnold hasn’t exactly been the most reliable quarterback in the world when looking at his inconsistent play, and Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins in which he threw four interceptions shows he has a long way to go.

Then again, New York hasn’t exactly been as concerned with the results of this season since when it comes to Darnold, it’s the long run that will be the most important factor. Up until this year, the Jets have desperately been searching for a quarterback to build the franchise around, and deep down they know this early experience for Darnold will work wonders from a learning perspective.

Of course, it’s crazy to think how much of a difference one or two touchdowns by New York would have made in a game like this since they only lost 13-6. With three losses in a row, maybe the Jets will get back on the winning track next Sunday during a meeting with the Buffalo Bills.