NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Eagles upgrade at receiver during bye week

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16. Miami Dolphins

Even though it was closer than it should have been, the most important factor for the Miami Dolphins is they came through with the win over the New York Jets on Sunday to get back above .500 while putting an end to their losing streak. Thanks to a strong performance by the defense that consisted of picking off Sam Darnold four times, it was the defense that did most of the heavy lifting for the Dolphins during the 13-6 win, although it would have been better to see a stronger game from the offense.

Then again, credit deserves to be handed out to New York since their defense did a pretty good job keeping Miami in check since Brock Osweiler only threw for 139 yards while Frank Gore was limited to 53 rushing yards on 20 carries. When seeing this, it’s easy to see why the Dolphins’ defense is earning most of the credit for the victory in this one over the Jets.

Playing in the AFC East in general is never an easy task since the New England Patriots are always going to be strong favorites with Tom Brady in the picture. But if the Dolphins can figure out a way to build some momentum after this win, maybe a Wild Card spot will be a likely possibility for Adam Gase’s team.