NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Philadelphia Eagles make a statement vs JAX

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27. Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck is back, but the Indianapolis Colts are not.

While I’m sure Eagles fans would love to have Frank Reich back as the team’s offensive coordinator, his first stint as a head coach simply hasn’t gone as well as anyone would have hoped, except maybe fans across the AFC South.

With a boring offense and a lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball, the Colts need to find an identity if they are going to return to their former glory and postseason football.

Fortunately, the team got to play the Oakland Raiders in Week 9.

Unlike the Raiders who seem all too willing to lose games at the moment, the Colts at least want to win now and have their starting quarterback in place; they just need to get it all together to make that happen.

Maybe the sudden emergence of Marlon Mack as a much younger successor to Frank Gore will help to establish a more balanced offensive identity for Reich’s offense, and give Luck some extra time to regain his footing as one of the league’s elite under-30 quarterbacks.  But until then? The Colts will probably remain towards the back half of power rankings for the foreseeable future.