NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Philadelphia Eagles make a statement vs JAX

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29. Buffalo Bills

Good news, the Buffalo Bills have finally benched Nate Peterman, the former Pittsburgh quarterback widely considered one of the worst uarterbacks in NFL history by angry fans across the league.

The bad news? They are now starting Derek Anderson, a player who hasn’t started with any consistency since 2010 and is 35 years old.

Maybe the team should consider trading LeSean McCoy to the Eagles for future draft compensation after all?

Now granted, this could all change if Josh Allen, the Bills’ 2018 first round quarterback out of Wyoming can finally get back on the field, but at this point, the season appears all but over for a team once considered a dark horse to finally dethrone the New England Patriots.

Now? The Bills will be lucky to finish out the season two games below the .500 mark.

To put it simply, the Bills has quietly transformed themselves from a playoff team in 2017 into a team incapable of beating even the most mediocre teams in the league. After waiting for literally decades to return to the playoffs, Bills fans will once again need to find new plans in January.

Tyrod Taylor, please come home, the Bills Mafia misses you.