NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Philadelphia Eagles make a statement vs JAX

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20. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars are a pair of teams who entered Sunday morning desperate for a win.

Two entered Wembley Arena attempting to get back to .500, but only one team could accomplish that feat, baring a tie, and that team was the boys from Philly.

The Eagles are now 4-4 and remain in the driver’s seats of their own destiny. The Jaguars? They’re now 3-5 and trending down.

With LSU legend Leonard Fournette only appearing in two games so far this season due to a pesky hamstring injury, the team has been forced to rely on Blake Bortles, quite literally, running the show, a disaster for any team, regardless of their defensive prowess.

The Jags are great on defense, but boy are they bad on the offensive side of the ball.

While their defense kept them in the game for much of the contest against the Eagles, Bortles’ lack of….polish (talent?) simply couldn’t be overcome, even with monster performances by Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack, and Calais Campbell.

At this point, the Jaguars should seriously consider making a few more trades to get their team back in order. Otherwise, this season may very well be a rap