Philadelphia Eagles: Three keys to win over Jaguars in Week 8

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Philadelphia Eagles
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Find a way to stretch the field

One of the most significant issues with the Eagles offense and one that is contributing to their lack of points is their inability to stretch the field. This offense is more reminiscent of the Eagles’ offense in 2016, rather than 2017.

The Eagles have had a surprising lack of explosive plays this season, both through the air and on the ground, and that could be thanks to their lack of a deep threat. With Torrey Smith gone, and Mack Hollins and Mike Wallace both on injured reserve.

Even though the Eagles don’t have those supposed ‘deep threats’ on their roster, they still have guys who can get down the field. We have seen Alshon Jeffery make plays down the field, and Nelson Agholor and Shelton Gibson have made big plays previously.

The Eagles have the guys who can make big plays, but they have seldom utilized them in that aspect in 2018. Agholor has the speed to get down the field, but he has been used on too many short passes this year.

Starting Sunday, Wentz and the Eagles need to find a way to push the ball down the field. Doing that will allow the Eagles to open up so many other things on offense. It will open up the middle of the field and make it easier to run the football.