NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Eagles collapse in fourth quarter during loss to Panthers

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30. Arizona Cardinals

Once the Arizona Cardinals made the obvious decision to roll with Josh Rosen at quarterback instead of Sam Bradford, they seemed to have a good idea about how there could be some ups and downs over these next few weeks. However, what took place on Thursday was absolutely embarrassing for both sides of the football, and as a result, Mike McCoy is now out of a job.

The Cardinals were hoping Josh Rosen and the rest of the offense would have been able to at least expose the defense of the Broncos since they haven’t exactly been playing their best football, which unfortunately was far from the case. Right away when Denver’s defense picked off Rosen twice in the first quarter for touchdowns, it seemed clear this was going to be a long night.

Still, this seems like one of those situations in which Arizona realizes that playing Rosen this early on will hopefully pay off in the long run since the early experience will help. As for which players will still be on the roster after the trade deadline since Patrick Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald already seem to be part of numerous rumors, only time will tell for the Cardinals.