NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Eagles collapse in fourth quarter during loss to Panthers

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10. Baltimore Ravens

Over the years, Justin Tucker has been one of the most consistent kickers in the NFL, and the argument can be made that it’s almost certainly a guarantee whenever he lines up to convert a field goal, that is until Sunday. With the Baltimore Ravens in need of an extra point in the final minute of action, this game against the New Orleans Saints seemed like it would be heading to overtime, that is until Tucker missed the extra point.

Social media seemed to be losing their minds over the miss by Tucker since they know how rare of a result this was, but also it should be pointed out this isn’t the reason why Baltimore lost the game. Keep in mind that if it wasn’t for the Ravens allowing the Saints to score 17 points in the third quarter to overcome a 10-point deficit, Tucker never would have been forced to be in that kind of position.

Even though this was only one loss, the real question will be how Tucker handles his kicks moving forward since he knows how much of a difference converting the extra point would have been, although knowing him the kicker will be just fine. Still, of all the ways for the Ravens to come up short in a game like this, who ever would have thought a missed extra point by Tucker would be a factor?