NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Eagles collapse in fourth quarter during loss to Panthers

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14. Miami Dolphins

All eyes were on Brock Osweiler heading into Sunday’s contest against the Detroit Lions to see if the quarterback would be able to pick right up where he left off last weekend when he surprisingly shredded the defense of the Chicago Bears. For the most part, Sunday’s game against the Lions wasn’t really terrible for Osweiler since he did end up tossing two more touchdowns, but unfortunately it was’t enough to earn the win.

With the loss, Miami officially dropped a full game behind the New England Patriots in the AFC East standings, although cards on the table, everyone seemed to know it was only a matter of time before it finally happened. Still, just because the Dolphins are now behind the Patriots in the division standings doesn’t necessarily mean this team should be ruled out since there is still plenty of football remaining in the regular season.

All Miami needs to do is keep the race with New England close, and this team should continue to be in great shape over the final few months before January rolls around. As for whether Osweiler will remain the starter once Ryan Tannehill is healthy, only time will tell for the Dolphins since Adam Gase will have quite the tough decision.