Philadelphia Eagles trade deadline primer: Running backs edition

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Philadelphia Eagles
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Jordan Howard (Chicago Bears)

This city has been missing a Howard ever since our loving big man was slamming wooly mammoth bombs into the third deck, and this is by far the most intriguing back that is available.

Jordan Howard is a young back drafted in the fifth round in 2016 out of Indiana. In his young career, he has done nothing other than put up 1,000 yards per season. He’s a red zone threat and a legitimate lead back that would give this running game a boost.

He watched his snaps decrease over the past month, and only rushed for more than 70 yards once this season. He is ready to get out of Chicago, and Philadelphia is a perfect home. He’s still on his rookie deal, so he’d be an affordable option for the next two seasons. After that depending on his performance, he is a more than attractive option for the back of the future.

If any deal is going to be made, it should be for Howard. However, the troubles stem from the play calling. The Eagles average only 26 rushing attempts per game and less than five yards per carry. They don’t have a back with more than 50 touches and only two breakaway runs of more than 20 yards.