Preseason NBA Power Rankings: Philadelphia 76ers look like Eastern Elite

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23. Brooklyn Nets

Free at last, free at last, the Brooklyn Nets are finally free at last from that atrocious Celtics trade that essentially stifled teams growth for the last half-decade.

Though the team continued to struggle year-after-year, Danny Ainge‘s reaped the benefits, building one of the best young cores in basketball.

And the Nets? They’ve consistently had to try to find talent in the 20s in the hopes of building a young, quality core. What on earth could possibly go wrong in that scenario?

But this is the year everything changes.

With a decent corp already in place, including former second overall pick DeAngelo Russell, Philly native Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and surprise center Jarrett Allen, let’s you’re probably still going to be bad in 2018, but hey, at least it’ll result in better talent in the draft.

Will the Nets’ still be bad in 2018? Yes, but much like last season, the team has consistently improved season after season, and may finally cross the 30-win mark for the first time in years.

And who knows, maybe the team will land in Jimmy Butler either this season or in the offseason, and make a Lakers-esque jump up the power rankings next fall.