Preseason NBA Power Rankings: Philadelphia 76ers look like Eastern Elite

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25. Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls look like they may be fun to watch for the first time in quite some time, even if it doesn’t translate to a big uptick in the wins column.

After surprisingly winning the Jimmy Butler trade thanks to the emergence of Lauri Markkanen as a legitimately talented stretch four big man, the team doubled-down on the frontcourt and added to supremely talented players, oft-injured former second overall pick Jabari Parker and Duke center Wendell Carter Jr.

However, their backcourt still remains a pretty big question mark.

After making the, shall we say, questionable decision to match the Sacramento Kings offer sheet to Zach LaVine, locking him in on a four-year, $80 million deal, the balls now have a shooting guard who can’t play defense coming off of a major injury and a point guard, in Kris Dunn, who can’t shoot.

A confusing combo to say the least.

If LaVine can actually find a way to his previous do-it-all, score the rock at will offensive form, then the ‘Baby Bulls’ and Fred Hoiberg may have a chance to make something happen, but it would appear that they’re a guard away from being even close to contention in the Eastern Conference.