Preseason NBA Power Rankings: Philadelphia 76ers look like Eastern Elite

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27. New York Knicks

For the first time in recent memory, it looks like the New York Knicks are going to be the worst professional basketball team in the Big Apple.


Now don’t get me wrong, I doubt either New York team is going to make the playoffs anytime soon, but after losing lone franchise-level player Kristaps Porzingis, it’s entirely possible that the Knicks may finish out the season with the worst record in the NBA period.

At least until ‘The Unicorn’ is back in the saddle.

Sure, there are a few solid players still on the team’s roster, like 2018 first round pick Kevin Knox, who has the potential to be a really good swing forward and veteran big man Enes Kanter, but  David Fizdale inherited a roster filled with mismatched parts and confusing combinations.

That’s hardly a winning combination, regardless of Fizdale’s abilities as a coach.

Now granted, this all could be for not, as the Knicks could turn around and trade for Jimmy Butler tomorrow and instantly vault their squad into a potential Eastern Conference contender, but according to recent reports, that seems incredibly unlikely.

No, it seems like the Knicks are going to continue their consistent downward spiral towards the bottom of the NBA power rankings, with no hope in sight. Maybe Spike Lee should ‘Do The Right Thing’ and start rooting for the boys over in Brooklyn.