Preseason NBA Power Rankings: Philadelphia 76ers look like Eastern Elite

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2. Boston Celtics

While it may not be fun to say as a Philly sports fan, the Boston Celtics clearly have the best roster in the East and will certainly be contenders in the conference finals next spring.

With their playoff roster largely intact, a collection of players that took the Cavs to seven after steamrolling the Sixers, the Celtics will get back not one, but two All-Star performers in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward as they attempt to finish out the forthcoming season with the best record in the LeBron-less East.

Now granted, there are legitimate questions about how the team will be able to keep a small army of players happy with only so much playing time available each game, but that is a spoil of riches, not a legitimate issue.

Could Boston use a bit more outside shooting? Sure, but that’s a luxury for a team with Kyrie running the point, as he would be among the elite shooting guards in the league if he was two inches taller and a didn’t have arguably the best handle in the league.

No, the Celtics are a team built for short and long-term success and will certainly give the Sixers fits for years to come, and 2018-2019 is no exception.