Recent Bryce Harper comments could be good news for Philadelphia Phillies in 2019

(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images) /

All eyes will be on the Philadelphia Phillies and a handful of other teams this offseason to see if they can convince Bryce Harper to come on board for 2019.

While the Philadelphia Phillies are coming off their sixth loss in a row along with trying to end the season on a positive note by finishing above .500, Gabe Kapler‘s team will soon begin to focus on what the 2019 season could have in store, including potential free agents.

Believe it or not, one of those free agents could be Bryce Harper, even if it does seem like an absolute long shot at this point.

Over the last couple of months, the Phillies have seen their name mentioned in the same conversation as big-name free agents to be like Harper and Manny Machado, mainly due to the fact they have the big money to spend.

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A few years ago, Philadelphia wasn’t considered that much of a destination for key free agents to sign when looking at all of the years consisting of struggles, but all that changed in 2018.

Not only did the Phillies make a splash in free agency before the 2018 season by signing Carlos Santana and Jake Arrieta, but also the team ended up being a surprise contender in the National League, that is until August rolled around, of course.

Still, as frustrating as it’s been to watch Philadelphia over these last two months, the good news is their surprise overall success gives the team hope over what 2019 could have in store, especially if they land Harper or some other big star.

Speaking of Harper, the Washington Nationals are set to take part in their final home game of the 2018 season on Wednesday afternoon against the Miami Marlins. And when hearing comments made before the game by Harper, it’s tough for Phillies fans not to get excited over the possibility of the team pushing to sign him when the time comes in the offseason.

Only time will when it comes to seeing if Wednesday is in fact Harper’s last home game with the Nationals, and if he were to leave in the offseason, whether it be to sign with the Phillies or someone else, there’s no question this would be a huge loss on Washington’s end.

Between his power-hitting ability along with the fact that he still has some of his best baseball left in him, there’s a reason why Harper is going to be one of the most sought after free agents in a few months from now.

No matter what it takes, chances are Philadelphia will do everything in their power to convince Harper that the City of Brotherly Love would be what’s best for his career.

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Plus, as mentioned before, the Phillies were already in the conversation for Harper in free agency as a result of them having the big money to spend, giving them a huge advantage over most potential suitors.