Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz is back, but are the Eagles?

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Nine months after injury, Carson Wentz is finally back in the Philadelphia Eagles starting lineup, but can he return the team to Super Bowl form?

The Philadelphia Eagles‘ savior is back.

After a poor performance by the Birds in a 21-27 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Eagles fans must be ecstatic to see their MVP candidate from last season return to the field. But does Carson Wentz‘s return bring the Eagles back to its Super Bowl-form from last season?

Since the start of the 2018 NFL season, and even in preseason, the Eagles have looked sluggish. They were bent, but not completely broken through. On Sunday, it finally snapped and concerns for the season swiftly arose. The secondary maybe not as good as expected. Injuries piling up. Offense not in sync. Receiving depth is thin.

Trouble, trouble all around.

Of course, it is a unique circumstance when a team’s backup quarterback just so happens to be the reigning Super Bowl MVP. If he has earned that accolade he has to be good right? Well, no. Nick Foles has been exactly what the Eagles expected when they signed him: a solid backup quarterback.

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Getting Wentz back is certainly an improvement over Foles. So improvement from the offense is to be expected. We’ve all seen what an offense looks like with Wentz under center. It’s efficient and versatile because of the great talent that Wentz possesses. But what he really brings to this table is something the team desperately lacks: Swagger.

What was the key to the Super Bowl season for the Eagles? For some, the answer may be Doug Pederson‘s creativity or Jim Schwartz‘s dominant defense, but many also pointed to the team’s swagger and confidence. The crazy, and well choreographed, touchdown celebrations or their electric slide routine against the Chicago Bears. They were focused, confident and had plenty of swagger. And Wentz was a catalyst for it all

For all of the talent Wentz has and how he should without a doubt improve the Eagles offense, he also brings back that championship swagger the Eagles had last season.

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So are the Eagles going to get back to its Super Bowl-winning form from last season? With Wentz back under center, it looks like a resounding yes.