3 reasons Eagles wise to start Nick Foles over Carson Wentz in Week 1

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2. Wentz needs to be healthy for long run

Would it have been amazing for Wentz to recover quick enough so he would be healthy enough under center for the opener against the Falcons? Absolutely. In fact, it would have been insane to consider the work that Wentz has put in since December to be ready to go, and while there’s still a good chance he could end up returning soon, Philadelphia is playing it smart by looking ahead to the future.

As great as it is to know that Foles can be counted on when needed after helping the Eagles earn their first Super Bowl title in franchise history, the team knows that at some point, he’s no longer going to be around. Whether Foles decides to retire or simply wants to play for another team to be a starter, Philadelphia knows their backup may not be around that much longer, and Wentz is just scratching the surface of what should be a promising NFL career.

One can only imagine the frustration that would take place if Wentz ended up playing sooner than he should have and suffered another devastating injury, resulting in him missing even more time away from the football field. By going with Foles, the Eagles can allow Wentz to receive more time until he’s fully ready.