Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz updates are meaningless until after preseason

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As bad as it sounds, Philadelphia Eagles head coach has every right to be annoyed with questions over the status of Carson Wentz for Week 1.

By now, the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans are sick of hearing about how awful they looked in their most recent preseason loss to the Cleveland Browns, especially when it comes to the dreadful performance by Nick Foles.

Leading up the game, Foles had previously been dealing with upper body soreness that led him to sit during the first preseason action against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not to mention, Foles ended up leaving the second game against the New England Patriots with a shoulder strain.

So why would Doug Pederson risk playing Foles in the first place when facing the Browns when taking all of these factors into considersation? Simply, Pederson wanted to make sure Foles would be in the necessary shape for Week 1 if needed since the status of Carson Wentz is still up in the air.

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For months, the biggest question surrounding the defending Super Bowl champions has been whether Wentz would be healthy enough to suit up for that first game against the Atlanta Falcons after suffering a torn ACL in December.

From a recovery prospective, just the thought of Wentz being ready to go for that first week in September sounded insane, but the Eagles quarterback has been doing everything in his power to put him in the best position.

With that being said, the one thing Philadelphia made clear within the last month or was the decision on Wentz possibly starting would come right down to the wire, meaning even Pederson wouldn’t know until that week arrived. So if Pederson recently seemed annoyed over questions about Wentz’s status for Week 1, the Eagles head coach has every right to feel that way.

Since it’s only the final week of the preseason, Pederson and the doctor’s aren’t going to be ready to make a decision on Wentz since it’s going to come down to the final days leading up to that first game on Thursday. And as much as Pederson and company would love to share good news about Wentz’s recovery if he was ready to go, the last thing they want to do is jump the gun on a statement, only to have to take it back later on.

The timeline on a decision has been the same for months when it comes to Wentz, and as much as Eagles fans want to know, they just need to be a little more patient.

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With an injury like this, the last thing Philadelphia can afford to do is rush their beloved quarterback when he’s not ready, so maybe give Pederson a break by just waiting until next week to address the questions surrounding Wentz instead of pushing for an update sooner.