Philadelphia 76ers: Joel Embiid proves superstar harmony is possible

(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Mountain Dew )
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Mountain Dew ) /

In a league filled with disgruntled stars, the Philadelphia 76ers have built an incredibly inclusive system from ownership down.

It’s been a rough couple weeks to be an NBA star.

From the Minnesota Timberwolves big three’s reported turmoil, to Boogie Cousins‘ free agency woes, to the even rougher situation created by the Demar DeRozanKawhi Leonard trade, it seems like the majority of the NBA’s 30 franchises are currently entrapped in some sort of off-the-court turmoil.

And then there’s the Philadelphia 76ers.

Though one could argue that the franchise hasn’t exactly had the smoothest free agency period either after being spurned in their ‘star hunting’ escapades and being publically embarrassed by the whole Nemanja Bjelica situation, the franchise at least appears to be on great terms with their stars.

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Case and point, the full-fledged bromance between Joel Embiid and minority owner Michael G. Rubin.

After just spending some quality time together on a joint vacation, the duo has been living their best lives with copious social media posts to prove it.

Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

Now granted, a team doesn’t have to necessarily be on great terms with their star players to achieve greatness, Pat Riley comes to mind, but in a sport like basketball where star players are almost essential to even have an opportunity to compete for titles, maintaining a positive relationship is becoming more and more paramount in keeping a potential contender together long-term.

Who knows, maybe if LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert had gone on more vacations together they too would be celebrating a new long-term deal, instead of watching the king take his talents to Los Angeles to give the Lakers a much-needed facelift.

While it may not show up on the stats sheet, building a strong culture not only in the locker room but throughout an organization can pay major dividends with both players already on the roster and future free agents. Simply put, while everything is finite, and no situation is truly set in stone, it doesn’t look like Embiid is going to be demanding a trade anytime soon.

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Even though the NBA season is still two months away, Joel Embiid and Michael Rubin are helping to keep Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love even in the dog days of summer.