Philadelphia Eagles in perfect position to send Darren Sproles out a winner

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With Darren Sproles announcing that 2018 will be his last season, the Philadelphia Eagles are in great position to send their veteran running back out as a winner.

Dating back to the 2014 season, Darren Sproles has always been considered a favorite among Philadelphia Eagles fans since it’s always been amazing to see a small player of his size be such a threat on the football field.

It’s not often a 5-foot-6 running back manages to find success at the NFL level, but with his speed along with ability to break through defenders, opponents have learned the hard way just how difficult it can be to tackle Sproles at times.

With that being said, Eagles fans were crushed last year when Sproles suffered a torn ACL and broken wrist on the same play during a Week 3 game against the New York Giants since they feared this would end up being his final game. Not to mention, when taking into consideration that Sproles was still in search of his first Super Bowl at the time, it was crushing to see his season come to an end the way it did.

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Even though Philadelphia was able to fill in the void left at running back with guys like Corey Clement stepping up on their way to shocking the world by winning the Super Bowl, one can only imagine how Sproles felt not being out there on the football field.

Obviously, Sproles is beyond thankful to still earn a ring despite spending most of the year watching from the sidelines, but the good news is he’s still in a great position to earn another ring and end his career as a winner.

In what shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone given the fact that he’s already 35, Sproles recently announced that 2018 will be his final year in the NFL. When taking into consideration his age along with the fact that 2018 will be his 13th season, there’s no question this seems like the right decision for Sproles since it’s kind of amazing to see him last as long as he has.

As bad as it sounds, running backs in the NFL don’t always last as long as other players at different positions when looking at how worn down their bodies get from handling all of those hits in the backfield.

At least with Philadelphia hungry to experience that feeling again of winning the Super Bowl, Sproles has to love his chance of going out a winner since the Eagles are already considered one of the early favorites.

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Plus, with this recent announcement by Sproles about retiring after this season, maybe it will motivate the Eagles even more to help their teammate end his career on a high note, which fans would absolutely love to see.